Lidstrom Score


3 scores, Funktion, Anatomie und kosmetisches Ergebnis werden extra angegeben

FunctionFunction of the wrist unimpaired. No subjective symptoms. No deformity. Loss of dorsiflexion or palmar flexion not exceeding 15° accepted.
 Function of the wrist unimpaired. Neglegible subjective symptoms. Deformity accepted if not producing subjective symptoms.good
 Function of the wrist less satisfactory for activities requiring special strength or extreme movements which must be avoided. Most pre-injury activities possible. Loss of motion, even if marked, accepted if not associated with subjective symptoms.fair
 Working capacity diminished or general way of life affected. Cases with
continuous pain.
AnatomicalNo or insignificant deformity: dorsal angulation not exceeding 90° or shortening of less than 3 mm1
 Slight deformity: dorsal angulation of 91 - 100° and/or shortening of 3 - 6 mm.2
 Moderate deformity: dorsal angulation of 101 - 114° and/or shortening of 7 - 11 mm 3
 Severe deformity: dorsal angulation exceeding 115° and/or shortening of at least 12 mm.4
CosmeticNormal appearance1
 Normal appearance except for prominence of the capitulum ulnae2
 Slight radial deviation
 Moderate to pronounced radial deviation, silverfork deformity4