Score nach Broberg und Morrey



MotionDegree of flexion (0.2 x arc) max 27
 Degree of pronation (0.1 x arc) max 6
 Degree of supination (0.1 x arc)max 7
Strength Normal 20
 Mild loss (appreciated but not limiting, 80% of opposite side) 13
 Moderate loss (limits some activity, 50% of opposite side) 5
 Severe loss (limits everyday tasks, disabling) 0
Stability Normal 5
 Mild loss (preceived by patient, no limitation) 4
 Moderate loss (limits some activity) 2
 Severe loss (limits everyday tasks) 0
Pain None35
 Mild (with activity, no medication) 28
 Moderate (with or after activity)15
 Severe (at rest, constant medication, disabling)