UCLA-Rating-System (Score der University of California at Los Angeles)



Pain Present all of the time and unbearable, strong medication frequently1
 Present all the time but bearable, strong medication occasionally2
 None or little at rest, present during light activities; salicylates frequently4
 Present during heavy or particular activities only; salicylates occasionally 6
 Occasional and slight8
 None 10
Function Unable to use limb 1
 Only light activities possible 2
 Able to do light housework or most activities of daily living4
 Most housework, shopping, and driving possible; able to do hair and dress and undress, including fastening brassiere6
 Slight restriction only; able to work above shoulder level8
 Normal activities 10
Active forward flexion 150° or more5
 120- 150°4
 90 - 120° 3
 45 - 90°2
 <30° 0
Strength of forward flexion (manual muscle-testing) Grade 5 (normal)5
 Grade 4 (good)4
 Grade 3 (fair) 3
 Grade 2 (poor)2
 Grade 1 (muscle contr.)1
 Grade 0 (nothing) 0
Satisfaction of the patientSatisfied and better5
 Not satisfied and worse 0
Result34-35 points excellent
 29 - 33 pointsgood
 < 29 pointspoor