Merchant und Dietz Score



Funktion (40 points) Does housework or job without difficulty 8
 Climbs stairs:  
 Foot over foot6
 Any manner4
 Carries heavy objects, such as a suitcase4
 Is able to run, participates in athletics, or work at heavy labor4
 Walks enough to be independent8
 Does yard work, gardening, lawn mowing4
 Has no difficulty getting in or out of an automobile6
Freedom of pain No pain40
 Pain only with fatigue or prolonged use30
 Pain with weight-bearing20
 Pain with motion10
 Pain with rest or continuous pain0
Gait No limp10
 Antalgic limp8
 Uses cane or one crutch2
 Uses wheelchair or can't walk0
Range of motion Total amount of dorsiflexion and plantar flexion (normal 30-70°); assign 2 points for every 20°10
Result: 90-100 pointsexcellent
 80-89 pointsgood
 70-79 pointsfair
 < 70 pointspoor