Tegner Aktivitätsscore (Aktivitätsscore Aktivitätsscore nach Tegner und Lysholm)



ActivitySick leave or disability pension because of knee problems. 0
 Work: sedentary work Walking on even ground possible 1
 Work: light labor Walking on uneven ground possible but impossible to walk in forest 2
 Work: light labor (e.g., nursing) Competitive and recreational sports: swimming Walking in forest possible 3
 Work: moderately heavy labor (e.g., truck driving, heavy domestic work) Recreational sports: cycling, cross-country skiing, Jogging on even ground at least twice weekly 4
 Work: Heavy labor (e.g., building, forestry)
Competitive sports:cycling, cross-country skiing
Recreational sports:jogging on uneven ground at least twice weekly
 Recreational sports: tennis and badminton, handball, basketball, downhill skiing, jogging at least five times per week 6
 Competitive sports: tennis, athletics (running), motorcross, speedway, handball, basketball
Recreational sports: soccer, bandy and ice hockey, squash, athletics (jumping) Cross-country trackfindings both recreational and competitive
 Competitive sports: bandy, squash or badminton, athletics (jumping, etc.), downhill skiing 8
 Competitive sports: soccer, lower divisions, ice hockey, wrestling, gymnastics 9
 Competitive sports: soccer - national and international elite 10