Score nach Lequesne et al. (Index der Arthroseschwere von Hüfte und Knie)


Der Score korreliert mit der klinischen Beschwerdesymptomatik (r = 0.327; p< .0001), aber nicht mit dem Röntgenbild (r = .065; p = .47)[1]. Das bedeutet, das die klinischen Beschwerden nicht mit der radiologischen Verschlechterung korrelieren [2].

[1] Lequesne M. Indices of severity and disease activity for osteoarthritis. Sem Arth Rheu 1991; 20(6)S2:48–54.
[2] Pavelka K Jr, Gatterova J, Rahlfs VW, et al. Is there a correlation between x-ray and clinical symptoms in patients with incipient osteoarthritis of knee joints? Rev Rhum Mal Osteo-articul 1991

Pain or discomfort A. During nocturnal bedrest: 
 Only on movement or in certain positions1
 Without movement2
 B. Duration of morning stiffness or pain after getting up: 
 Less than 15 min1
 15 min or more 2
 C. Remaining standing for 30 min increases pain1
 D. Pain on walking: 
 Only after walking some distance1
 Early after starting2
 E. Pain or discomfort in sitting position for 2h 1
Maximum distance walked More than 1 km, but limited1
 About 1 km (about 15 min) 2
 From 500 to 900 m (about 8-15 min) 3
 From 300 to 500 m 4
 From 100 to 300 m5
 Less than 100 m6
 With one walking stick or crutch +1
 With two walking sticks or crutches +2
Activities of daily living [1]Can you put on socks by bending forward?0-2
 Can you pick up an object from the floor?0-2
 Can you go up and down a standard flight of stairs?0-2
 Can you get into and out of a car? 0-2
Result>14extremely severe
 11-13very severe
[1] Point score Easily 0
 With difficulty (or 0,5 or 1,5 points)1
 Impossible 2