Klassifikation der Chondromalacia patellae nach Ficat et al.



Group 1 "Chondromalacia of the lateral facet - most frequently characterized by preferential localization at the level of the critical zone at the median ridge and lateral to the medial ridge. More rarely, the lesion centers on the lateral facet or extends the entire width of the lateral facet in the more evolved cases or in case of permanent lateral sub luxation."
Group 2 "Chondromalacia of the medial facet - often localized to the "odd" facet or on the ridge separating the "odd" facet from the remainder of the medial facet."
Group 3"Central Chondromalacia - characterized by a localization as a saddle straddling the median ridge with symmetrical extension onto the 2 facets."
Group 4"Bipolar Chondromalacia - involving the central portion of the 2 facets separated by a normal median ridge."
Group 5"Global or total Chondromalacia - involving the totality of both facets."