Rotatorenmanschettenrupturen nach Snyder

Klassifikation der Rotatorenmanschettenpathologien nach Lokalisation und Größe.

Location of tear
Articular surface
Bursal surface
CComplete tear, connecting A and B sides
Severety of tear
 0Normal cuff, with smooth covertings of synovium and bursa 
 1Minimal superficial bursal or synovial irritation or slight sapsular fraying in a small localized area; usually < 1cm 
 2Acteual fraying or failure of some rotator cuff fibres in addition to synovial, bursal or sapsular injury; usually < 2 cm in size 
 3More severe rotator cuff injury, including fraying and fragmentation of tendon fibres, often involving the whole surface of a cuff tendon (most often the supraspinatus); usually < 3 cm in size 
 4Very severe partial rotator cuff tear that usually contains, in addition to fraying and fragmentation of tendon tissue, a sizable flap tear; usually larger in size than grades 1-3 and often encompass more than a single tendon