Rotatorenmanschettenläsion nach Patte

Extent of Tear
Group 1
Partial tears or full-substance tears measuring less than 1 cm in sagittal diameter at bony detachment
 1a deep, partial tears
  1b superficial tears
  1c small, full-substance tears
Group 2
Full substance tears of entire supraspinatus
Group 3
Full substance tears involving more than one tendon
Group 4
Massive tears with secondary OA
Topography of Tear in Sagittal Plane
Segment 1
Subscapularis tear
Segment 2
Coracohumeral ligament tear 
Segment 3
Isolated supraspinatus tear 
Segment 4 Tear of the entire supraspinatus and one-half of infraspinatus 
Segment 5
Tear of supraspinatus and infraspinatus
Segment 6
Tear of subscapularis, supraspinatus and infraspinatus 
Topography of Tear in Frontal Plane
Stage 1
Proximal stump close to bony inseration
Stage 2
Proximal stump at level of humeral head
Stage 3
Proximal stump at level of glenoid
Quality of Muscle radiologische Einteilung der Verfettung der RM im CT (4 Stadien)
State of the LHB
Luxiert oder gerissen mit Ausdehnung des RM Risses in der Sagittalebene